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64 Years a Mason
and Just made a Mason!

At our October 4th meeting W Bro Jim Borthwick attended, after a long absence, to celebrate his 64th year as a Freemason. He was greeted by a team of Past Masters who were conducting an Initiation Ceremony that evening. Our picture shows Jim and our new member Bro Roger William Haywood with the team.

Coast to Coast Bike Ride
Raises over £2,000.00 for SSAFA!

Over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend our Worshipful Master Chris Moore and a team of Brethren and supporters completed a 175 mile cycle ride from Morecambe to Bridlington. Starting on Friday 25th May, travelling via the Pennines, Yorkshire Dales and Wolds finishing at Bridlington on Sunday May 27th the team raised in excess of £2,000.00 in individual sponsorships and donations for SSAFA, the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families' Association.

Hilltop selfie of our WM after a climb through the rain.

The Team pause for morning coffee at the home of Nick and Elaine MacIvor near Stamford Bridge.

The Finish! Bridlington Sunday 27th May.

American Night.
February 17th 2018.

On February17th, our Worshipful Master, W Bro Chris Moore and his wifeBonnie welcomed us to Beverley Masonic Hall for our traditional celebration the birthday of George Washington and our Fraternal Relationship with our American sister lodges.

American Night.
February 25th 2017.
American Night 2017
On February 25th, our Worshipful Master, W Bro Chris Harland and his wife Jacqui welcomed us to Beverley Masonic Hall for our traditional celebration the birthday of George Washington and our Fraternal Relationship with our American sister lodges.

Family Sunday Lunch

On April 17th, at Beverley Masonic Hall, our Worshipful Master, W Bro John Rowland and his wife Kath cooked a full traditional Sunday Lunch for over 80 Brethren, families and friends. There were many helpers with Brethren waiting on and assisting in the kitchen. There were guests of all ages. A 90th Birthday Cake was baked and presented as was a 45th Wedding Anniversary cake. To see a full gallery of pictures of the day you can click the following link. Brethren have been circulated with the gallery password.

2016 American Night
On February 20th, our Worshipful Master, W Bro John Rowland and his wife Kath welcomed us to Beverley Masonic Hall for our traditional celebration the birthday of George Washington and our Fraternal Relationship with our American sister lodges.
Constitutional Lodge American Night

We were welcomed with an array of cocktails on arrival accompanied by sweet and savoury nibbles. We dined on buffalo wings and belly pork. Our entertainment was provided by Bro John Chrystal, our newest Entered Apprentice. We held a raffle which raised £220:00 towards our charitable endeavours and good time was enjoyed by all.
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2015 American Night
On February 21st, our Worshipful Master, W Bro David Turner and his wife Victoria welcomed us to Beverley Masonic Hall for our traditional celebration the birthday of George Washington and our Fraternal Relationship with our American sister lodges - see the links at the foot of this piece.

As usual, we were welcomed with a glass of bubbly on arrival accompanied by sweet and savoury nibbles. We dined on Chowder, Smoky Pulled Pork, Hot Sticky Chicken, Chilli Beans and Spicy Wedges. We were again entertained by "Elvis"and "Priscilla" Presley.

Dave and Victoria Turner
David and Victoria Turner

Dave Turner, Terrence Wislon and Daniel Longley.
W Bro David Turner,W Bro Terence Wilson SW (left)
and Bro Daniel Longley JW (right).

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60 Years A Freemason

W Bro Jim Borthwick. 60 years a Mason.

On October 2nd  1954 Lodge of Prudence Nº 1550 in Plymouth Initiated a young man named James Thomas Borthwick.

On October 2nd 2014 at the regular meeting of the Constitutional Lodge Nº 294 in Beverley, East Yorkshire, Worshipful Brother Jim Borthwick celebrated sixty years membership of Freemasonry.

At the meeting he was presented with his 60 year Certificate by Worshipful Bro Sam Judah, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings. During the presentation the Brethren were fascinated to hear of Jim’s experiences during those 60 years. We were privileged to hear how his Masonic, and personal careers reflect his sense of total commitment to whatever he undertakes whilst maintaining a strong sense of humour. Stories of gradual progression through Lodge Offices and of grand Ladies’ Nights attended by hundreds were mixed with his experiences of remaining dedicated to his Mother Lodge despite working considerable distances away.

When Jim moved to Yorkshire in 2001 he became a member of the Albert Victor lodge Nº 2328 in York but when his beloved wife passed away in 2006 he moved to Beverley and became a joining member of the Constitutional Lodge.
He attends Lodge regularly and a period of illness in 2013 did not damp his interest in the Lodge and the interests of its members.

After the presentation of his 60 years Certificate Jim gave a talk to the Lodge entitled “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” where he explored the challenges facing the Craft in our times of sociological change. Using the logistical skills he gained in senior management he expounded ways in which Freemasonry might put in place systems to ensure we recruit high quality Candidates and manage the equally important subject of membership retention. 

“Congratulations Jim”

Picture: W Bro Jim Borthwick with (left) – W Bro Sam Judah Assistant Provincial Grand Master and (right) W Bro Iain Buckley, Worshipful Master of the Constitutional Lodge 294.

Certificate of Thanks From SSAFA

SSAFA presentation of thanks.

After an appeal by the Chairman of East Yorkshire and the North East Regional Representative of SSAFA (Soldier Sailor Airman and Forces Association) Bro. Michael H. Menzies-Baird, the Brethren of the Constitutional Lodge No. 294 voted to donate a sum of £1400.00.  

On the evening of Thursday 6th November 2014 Bro. Menzies-Baird gave kind thanks to the Lodge and presented a framed ’thank you’ certificate from SSAFA for the generous donation.

Picture: Worshipful Bro Iain Fraser Buckley, W M of the Constitutional Lodge receives the certificate of thanks from Bro Michael Menzies-Baird. For further information about SSAFA click here.

£1,500:00 presented to
FirstLight Trust

On April 15th Constitutional Lodge's Worshipful Master, W Bro Iain Buckley visited Stepney Hill Farm, Scarborough to present a cheque for £1,500:00 to Dorinda Wolfe-Murray, Patron of FirstLight Trust. Pictured with Iain and Dorinda are Tracey Kennedy of FirstLight and Ashley Tyson, the owner of Stepney Hill Farm and member of the Scarbrough Lodge Nº 7417who has donated the land to FirstLight for the project.

FirstLight Trust’s main introduction states: “We help the ‘10% hard to reach’ Emergency and Armed Service veterans as defined by other charities. Those who are homeless, who don’t know what is wrong with them; who cannot cope. We provide whatever it takes to make that tiny difference between life and death. And, most importantly, set them on the road to recovery”.

A PDF of background notes regarding FirstLight Trust and Masonic donations can be found here.
The FirstLight Trust website can be found here where you can also follow their BLOG

Tracey Kennedy, Dorinda Wolfe-Murray, W Bro Iain Buckley, Bro Ashley Tyson (Scarbrough Lodge) and W Bro Chris Harland, W M of the Denison Lodge Nº 1248 and Constitutional Lodge Mentor.

Ashley, Tracey, Dorinda and Iain.

Tracey, Dorindaand Iain with some of the first produce of the year from the poly-tunnel



2014 American Night

Our American Night was held on Saturday 22nd February in the Masonic Hall, Trinity Lane, Beverley. This annual event has been taking place for a number of years. It celebrates George Washington's birthday and our links with our Sister Lodges; the Liberty Lodge Beverly, Massachusetts and the Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 2, in the USA.
We were welcomed with a glass of bubbly on arrival accompanied by sweet and savoury nibbles. We dined on Clam Chowder, Smokey pulled pork, Rosemary corn bread, buttered corn. French fries and Key Lime Pie. We were entertained by "Elvis"and "Priscilla" Presley. A number of us were also persuaded to participate in karaoke which proved alarmingly entertaining!

Worshipful Master Iain Buckley with Senior Warden John Rowland (right) and Junior Warden Colin Roberts.
Further images of the evening can be found here - password protected.


2013 Christmas Lunch
The worshipful Master, W Bro Terry Wilson and our Almoner W Bro David Collingwood along with a number of Lodge Officers hosted the annual Christmas Luncheon for the widows of our past Brethren. As usual the event was held at the Beverly Arms Hotel.

It was a happy occasion. A good time was had by all and many took this festive opportunity to exchange fond memories whilst celebrating the Christmas season.

Fifty Years of Chapter Freemasonry
50 Years a Chapter Freemason

A gathering of Royal Arch Masons met at Trinity Lane Beverley on 15 November 2012, to witness the presentation of 50 year certificate of Royal Arch Masonry at the Constitutional Chapter 294 to Excellent Companion John Burnham Byass (PPGSN). The presentation was made by Excellent Companion Maurice Garmston (PPGSN) representing the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent who remarked upon the great achievement made by Excellent Companion Byass and passed on the personal congratulations of the MEGS.

John who is a local farmer has been a regular attender at the Constitutional Chapter throughout his service and continues to take an active part in the Chapter business, as well as giving wise counsel to members. In his response he remarked on the changes which have taken place over 50 years, with his concerns over reducing numbers receiving a particular mention, along with reminiscences of festive boards with free wine and cigarettes a part of the proceedings and old friends who were particular characters. A pleasant evening was had by all.


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